Monthly Archives: April 2010

Winter Warriors

So as a newbie planting greens I didn’t know that they could be so hardy and overwinter. we have a Spinach bunch and Two collards that started coming up in March…

And no, those are not rabbit or deer nibbling on the Collards, I can’t just help myself taking a piece now and then

I have also planted two rows of Collards and am looking forward to the harvest.

Ode to Compost

This is an ode, luckily with no odor. This was the first year we really got appreciate our compost bin. Last year’s trash is this year’s treasure.



This is Jared’s compost bin, made from 16 feet of plastic netting. You can get at this Home Depot @ $10 for 25 feet. It works really well. That plant growing right in front is one of our collards that survived the winter.

During (a closer look):

And this is what it becomes… drum roll please!

Beautiful dirt – this is last year’s compost incorporated into two sections of the garden.


So the computer is back and here’s the latest updates.

Spring has sprung! Crocuses a-plenty

It’s also nice to see the Tulips coming out

We also get the sunlounge monster during this time of year