Recipe of the Week – Ice Cream!

Well it’s been tipping 90 here the last few days so what better way to beat the heat than to have a nice bowl of ice cream. And while this won’t have the same amount of calcium you will be getting 30% of your iron for the day.


Raw Cashews 1 cup
Banana, fresh, 1 medium
Organic Blueberries, fresh, 1 cup
Organic Strawberries, fresh, 1 cup, whole
Chocolate Chips Semi-Sweet Tropical Source, 2 tbsp


So this recipe really starts the day before.

Soak the cashews overnight and put the fruits (preferably organic berries, see the post from April 27th) in the freezer.

When ready place all ingredients in a blender until desired consistency.


Number of Servings: 2

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