Climate Change

Since I’m in a change mood I want to talk about climate change this week. I think wherever you are you have seen some effects. Drought, intense electrical storms, heat waves. I for one was not happy that I had to water the garden, I rely on mother nature (and a little dehumidifier water) to do it for me.
I have a feeling this type of weather is going to be the norm. Of course the bad effects  will also be the norm: crop failures, wild fires, flash floods, etc. I have to selfishly admit that not all climate change is bad – I know, go ask the people on the Carteret Islands,  Tuvalu  and the Maldives – the mild winter and exceptional spring we had this year made it our garden’s most prolific yet. We already have ripe tomatoes
The one major effect of climate change is that it forces humans to adapt. Change is scary and exhilarating at the same time. I like change because  it’s  a great excuse to look at alternatives you might have never considered or thought possible. Let’s face it, change can be another word for growth.

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