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Stressed and Well

Webster’s defines stress as

We all have stress in our lives, what makes the biggest difference is how we deal with that stress (or don’t deal with it). I decided to write about stress this week because I have made quite a few changes to my life that include a full-time undergraduate schedule and two part-time amazing job opportunities that I love on top of launching my health coaching business. As I see this written out I think wow, why am I not crazy stressed.

Sure I feel a bit nervous about the future and wonder what the heck was I thinking every once in a while, having faith has helped me get through those moments. I also noticed that even though I have a lot on my plate I enjoy all of it. I mean who doesn’t want to learn about E. coli or help develop a group program or learn about why raspberry keytones are the latest diet craze. Having a crazy busy schedule doing things you hate can drain you worse than any energy vampire.

So what I am saying is do what you love. Even if you can’t do it full time find some time somewhere in your day, week or month to include an activity or a project that makes you feel good. There are no rules or judgements here, it can be whatever speaks to your heart as long as it’s authentic.

Let me know what you do that makes your heart sing.

September 2012

This has been my mantra for the last year, now that it’s here my world feels exciting and new.


Lots of new beginnings for September 2012: school and business ventures. I may even be cheesy and call it a journey (you know I had to tie in the boat photo somehow!)

What I have learned in the last year is to have more faith that things will work out. While the fear of change will always be there the fact that you are trying something new, taking a risk is one way to grow. Nothing grows in stagnant water, or to please my biologist husband, maybe what does grow is small, dark and slimy.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, me –  I prefer big, bright and shiny.

And speaking of bright and shiny I have begun my fall garden, so far I have peas and collards coming up. I still have tomatoes and Hooray! I have a beautiful butternut squash that was still in perfect shape. I was afraid it was going to have little bites since no one was around to keep the critters at bay. Maybe next week I’ll have a butternut squash risotto recipes for you. YUM!