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Preventing Hearing Loss with a Healthy Lifestyle by Guest Blogger John O’Connor

Hi Everyone – today we have a guest blogger: John O’Connor. John is passionate about hearing loss and tells us how to prevent it with a healthy lifestyle.

Hearing loss is a major concern amongst people all around the world, as hearing is such an important part of life. Many people do not think of taking the proper care of their ears until it is too late. There are millions of adults in the United States alone who are suffering from some sort of hearing loss and it is a common problem amongst adults. In fact, it is the third most common physical condition that occurs in adults in the United States. By the time adults in the United States reach the age of 65, they are likely going to need a hearing aid or hearing aids to help assist them with their hearing needs. Hearing aids are used to help make sounds louder so that people who have a hard time hearing can hear what is going on around them and what is being said to them without having to continuously ask the other person to speak up or for someone to turn the music up.


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People of all different ages can gradually begin to lose their hearing. The truth is that there are many different reasons as to why an individual may begin to experience hearing loss. One of the primary reasons people begin to lose their hearing is if they have been exposed to loud noises for a while. The more exposure to loud noises, the more trouble hearing an individual may have in the future, which is why it is important to protect the ears from such noise. Those who work in noisy environments should always wear the proper ear gear to protect their ears from the noise. It is also recommended to listen to music at a decent volume instead of blasting it, as these kinds of exposure will only jump-start hearing loss, even in younger individuals.


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Those who are concerned about their ears and are interested in preventing hearing loss should practice living healthier lifestyles. Teenagers who are often exposed to secondhand smoke will typically have more trouble hearing. Those who smoke are also more likely to suffer from hearing loss in the future. To avoid this issue, smoking should be avoided at all costs. When someone is smoking around another person, it is best to stay clear of that secondhand smoke to avoid problems with hearing in the future. Loud music is another factor that contributes to hearing loss and it should be avoided as well. While loud music may sound good, it is not worth losing hearing over.


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Recent studies also show that those who have plenty of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in their diet, which can be found in all sorts of fish, are more likely to prevent hearing loss than those who do not consume these fatty acids. Vitamin E supplements can also be taken as a way of preventing hearing loss and promoting overall health and well-being. Improving nutrition will not help an individual to improve their look and feel, it will also provide numerous health benefits, which includes healthier ears and most importantly, better hearing.


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John O’Connor’s interest in hearing loss began when his father and grandfathers along with other family members and friends were affected by hearing loss.  He feels that there is a general lack of understanding around the issue and “it is our job to try and spread awareness where we can.”