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To Minimize or Not to Minimize

That is the question. Jared’s been trying to do this for a while and I am officially on the bandwagon. I have come to the realization that I/we have way too much stuff, I am drowning in stuff. Sometimes I wonder if I have hoarding tendencies, I shouldn’t wonder though, I know that I am at least a word hoarder (books, journals and magazines). I know I also have a hard time getting rid of certain things, especially if they came from a departed loved one.


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I do dream of a clutter-free life and living. I long to walk from one end of our 100 square foot or so office to the other without cringing, tripping, or climbing over anything.

So this week I have decided that I will begin to minimize my life and space. The first project I tackled was clearing out old magazines and journals. Next to my bed I had three stacks of journals and magazines about a foot high each, and I thought I was actually going to read all of that! I say had because with a whoop of joy I put them ALL into the recycling. There isn’t an article, exercise routine or composting tip that I wouldn’t be able to find digitally. I also took some workout clutter and deposited that into the basement where I have been working out lately. Now the bedroom looks and feels great, the chaos that I felt from that pile is gone, it’s a perfect space for rest and tranquility.

I then tackled the living room, specifically a corner table that was beginning to look a little, no, a lot knickknacky… I HATE knickknacks. When we were kids we would throw out my mother’s knickknacks and pretend they broke while cleaning when she would ask about them. Away went old National Geographics, colored bottles and stuff that I hadn’t looked at or needed in years. Instead I took our family photographs and put them on the table, it was nice to see old photos I forgot we had. I didn’t get to finish the mantel, no worries, that will get done in a jiff.

Next room to tackle: The Office!

The bedroom and the living room were the warm-ups for the office. That room has a lot of things I have a hard time getting rid of, including books and old schoolwork. Since I also use it as a home-office, I have client work in there as well. While the obvious trash will be gotten rid of, I need to figure out what to do with the things I legitimately cannot throw out, I think a couple of rough totes in the basement will have to do for now.

The office won’t be the end of it, I’ll still need to go through the bathroom, dining room, kitchen, basement and garage. The kitchen and dining room will be a challenge since we do entertain a couple of times of year.

I’m hoping that this exercise will have a two-fold benefit: 1) making our living space look better with minimal clutter 2) releasing the clutter will help get creative juices flowing, minimize stress and make our home a true sanctuary.

Who knows, maybe we’ll end up in a tiny house some day…


Image from Slight Blog by Trainer Tiny House

So if you’ve taken steps to live as minimal as possible let us know… And if you know of a good consignment shop in Central NJ let me know, I may have to make a few trips over the next few months.


New Year, New You

Yeah Yeah Yeah… Who hasn’t heard that before? This New Year I decided to take a different approach to “New Year, New You.”


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This time of year you get so many tips on how to make your life better, maybe instead you can make someone else’s life better, stand up for what you believe in or look into a cause that resonates with you.

The last few weeks of 2014 saw a lot of heartache (Ferguson & Staten Island), a bit of “it’s about time!” (Cuba) and some backing down only to give in (The Interview). If you put all of these stories together you get the central theme of doing the right thing.

The protests over injustices in Ferguson and Staten Island, recognizing the plight of the Cuban people and Sony deciding to stand up to bullies and show The Interview all exemplify the beauty of standing up for values.

So in this year’s version of New Year, New You go out and do something you believe in, no matter how big or how small. Your heart will smile, I promise.