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Happy Veganniversary To Me!

Crocuses are popping up and I am getting antsy to get dirt under my fingernails, this could only mean one thing. It’s my Veganniversary!

It’s also this blog’s third birthday. So what have we been up to for the last three years? Good thing you asked!

In addition to going natural (as in hair), we have left the corporate world and embarked on a new academic world.

MCC logo

We have been to quite a few health and wellness conferences and a couple of vegetarian ones too.

the seed vegan expWe held our own workshops


We have planted and picked dozens of veggies.

Nurtured with Nature

We have encountered countless amazing people.

The Seed - MY Vegan Experience

NYC Vegetarian Food Festival!

We have tasted and revised dozens of recipes, not all ours.


We have lost a few loved ones and brought some into our hearts and lives.

Have we got a VIDEO??

Backend/Frontend Report

We have fostered dogs.



We have cried and laughed, sometimes at the same time.


We survived a hurricane and power outage


We entered a chili contest or two


And we think we might actually be able to start seeds indoors this year.


Thanks for being there through the thick and thin, here’s to another three or more like thirty years! I love you all!

Signs of Spring!

Although it’s snowing in Metuchen right now, yesterday I was able to snap a few pics of the first sign of spring –


Yes boys and girls our first Crocuses are peeking through. This warms my heart especially during such a long snowy winter.

Crocuses are really cute little flowers. If it wasn’t such a pain to plant them I would have them covering our front yard. Since most need sunny spots, we would have to plant them in the backyard instead and that’s already been done for us. Our larger patch in the backyard still hasn’t come up but when it does I am hoping it’s bigger and better than last year.


So the computer is back and here’s the latest updates.

Spring has sprung! Crocuses a-plenty

It’s also nice to see the Tulips coming out

We also get the sunlounge monster during this time of year