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Is beauty really only Skin Deep?

Many of you know or should know that you are what you eat. That’s a no brainer, well how many of you consider what you put on your body too? The way a birth control or nicotine patch delivers its medicine transdermally should give you an indication that yes, your skin (the largest organ on the human body) has the ability to absorb what is put on it. While your epidermis does provide some sort of barrier you can’t really be sure that some of the ingredients in the skin care products you are using aren’t being somehow absorbed, especially if you are using a product every day for many years.

Luckily the EWG has a fantastic web site that gives you a rating on a huge listing of beauty products including facial, body, hair, make-up, nail, oral hygiene and even baby products.

Before you slather on another lotion or put on sunscreen make sure you check out your product’s ingredients, you may be surprised to see that you are getting a bit more than you bargained for…

OH YEAH!! And to check out the movie: The Story of Cosmetics, the Ugly Truth of “Toxics in. Toxics out” click HERE

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Organic Everything??

I know it’s tough to buy organic. I feel the tug in my wallet too. Is it really worth it? Do I have to by everything organic? The answer is yes it’s worth it – economically, public healthwise and environmentally – and no you don’t have to buy all organic. There are foods that I would highly recommend you purchase organic the “dirty dozen” so to speak. I prefer to think of it as the “Top 20” since items 15 – 20 on the list below compiled by the Environmental Working Group are foods we consume on a regular basis. The list is not all doom and gloom, the best news is that you also have the cleanest produce on the bottom of this list with my beloved onions, avocados, asparagus, eggplants and tomatoes among them.

Happy Shopping!

FoodNews: Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides
The Full List: 47 Fruits & Veggies

1 (worst) Peach 100 (highest pesticide load)
2 Apple 93
3 Sweet Bell Pepper 83
4 Celery 82
5 Nectarine 81
6 Strawberries 80
7 Cherries 73
8 Kale 69
9 Lettuce 67
10 Grapes – Imported 66
11 Carrot 63
12 Pear 63
13 Collard Greens 60
14 Spinach 58
15 Potato 56
16 Green Beans 53
17 Summer Squash 53
18 Pepper 51
19 Cucumber 50
20 Raspberries 46
21 Grapes – Domestic 44
22 Plum 44
23 Orange 44
24 Cauliflower 39
25 Tangerine 37
26 Mushrooms 36
27 Banana 34
28 Winter Squash 34
29 Cantaloupe 33
30 Cranberries 33
31 Honeydew Melon 30
32 Grapefruit 29
33 Sweet Potato 29
34 Tomato 29
35 Broccoli 28
36 Watermelon 26
37 Papaya 20
38 Eggplant 20
39 Cabbage 17
40 Kiwi 13
41 Sweet Peas – Frozen 10
42 Asparagus 10
43 Mango 9
44 Pineapple 7
45 Sweet Corn – Frozen 2
46 Avocado 1
47 (best) Onion 1 (lowest pesticide load)

Source: Environmental Working Group;