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Sprouting 101

Sprouting is really easy. I mean it’s super easy. The best part is that you don’t need any fancy tools to sprout. All you need is a large jar, cheesecloth, a decent rubber band and a trusty guide for soaking time and sprouting days. I like the one in The Raw Food Book

It’s pretty easy to follow and doesn’t have too many crazy things to sprout.

So this week I am sprouting alfalfa sprouts in one jar and a mix of green peas and French green lentils in an other.  I chose the pea and lentil mix because they both have the same amount of sprout days.

Step 1

Determine your quantities

1 TBSP Alfalfa = 1 CUP Alfalfa Sprouts
1 CUP Green Peas = 2 CUP Pea Sprouts
1 CUP Lentils = 2 CUP Lentil Sprouts

I used 2 tbsp of Alfalfa and a half cup each of the peas and lentils

Step 2
Cover your jars

Cut a double swath of cheesecloth large enough to cover the mouth of the jar. Hold it in place with a rubber band

Step 3
Soak your seeds – yes everything you soak is a seed!

Alfalfa = 4 – 6 hours
Green Peas = 10 – 12 hours
Lentils = 6 – 8 hours

Sometimes I follow the soak times and sometimes I just let them go overnight. This week I let them go overnight.

Step 4
Wash & Rinse

This is why you cover the mouth of the jar with the cheesecloth. Rinse the seeds with fresh clean water then place in a bowl at about 45 degree angle. You want them to drain to prevent them from getting moldy. You need to do this at least twice a day. Each seed takes a different amount of time to sprout.

Alfalfa = 5 days
Green Peas = 2 – 3 days
Lentils = 2 – 3 days

Step 5

Once your sprouts have reached your desired sproutiness you can enjoy in a salad, a sandwich, soup or on their own with a little lemon juice. I’ve heard of people having them in their smoothies.

I guarantee that once you have homemade sprouts you won’t want to spend your hard earned cash on expensive sprouts. Especially not when they are so easy to grow at home.

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Recipe of the Month: Sprout Pate

I know you have all be anxiously awaiting my next recipe, especially since I totally missed February. I know, bad – I was too busy celebrating the one year anniversary of From Sprouts to Supper, yee haw!!

I’ve been busy sprouting, yes, you read that right. How can we be From Sprouts to Supper without any sprouts! So in honor of our first year under the belt here’s a sprouty recipe.

Sprout Pate


Organic Sunflower Sprouts, 1 cup*
Organic French Green Lentil Sprouts, 1 cup**
1/4 Red Onion – optional
Juice and Zest of 1 Lemon (I like to use organic lemons if I am zesting or juicing)
3 Carrots
Fresh Parlsey, 1/4 cup
Ginger – about a thumb tip size
Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar 2 capfuls
Salt, 1 tsp
Cabbage, 2 Leaves
Mushrooms, 4 – 6  (I used Baby Bellas)
Tahini or EFA*** oil blend, 1 – 2 tbsp


Put everything in the food processor or blender and blend until smooth. Great in salads or as a green leaf wrap filling. If you want to get adventurous put it in the dehydrator. I might do that tonight to see what kind of burger I get tomorrow!

*Soak organic raw sunflowers seeds for 8- 10 hours (I like to do it overnight) in a jar. Drain and put a cheesecloth over the mouth of the jar and secure with a rubberband. Rinse in the morning and the evening for about 5 days and you will have spicy lovely sunflowers seed sprouts. You will need to pick out the hulls every day as they can get a bit nasty if you leave them in.
**Soak organic whole lentils (split will not germinate!) for 10 hours or overnight. follow same instructions for sunflower greens. I noticed the hulls are not as much of an issue with the lentils
***EFA is an essential fatty acid oil blend of 8 parts hemp seed oil, 1 part flax oil and 1 part pumpkin seed oil. SO that comes to 1 cup of hemp seed oil and a tbsp of flax oil and a tbsp of pumpkin oil