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It’s National Nutrition Month!

It’s National Nutrition Month! Now what?

"Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane /".

“Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane /”

I bet a lot of you had no idea that there is a  National Nutrition Month and that it’s in March. I know I didn’t until I started  my dietetics program. Isn’t that a shame. We get an entire month to celebrate beautiful dishes and healthy eating and hardly anyone knows about it.

How am I celebrating NNM? Well I like to think that I celebrate nutrition and healthy living all year round so I will keep doing what I am doing plus a few other things including trying new foods and new recipes. I have a NNM challenge for all of you. Try four new recipes and four new foods. So far I have made vegan tofu cream cheese and vegan chocolate chip cookies, I have also made mung beans which, believe it or not, I have never prepared.

mung beans

You may be wondering what to try, I think a trip to an ethnic grocery store could be a lot of fun. We have tons of Asian grocery stores and there’s always something interesting to try. I’ve been hooked on cassava, also known as yuca. I’m used to seeing it frozen in the bag but lately I have been buying the root and preparing it in the steamer. Something as simple as that will count for the challenge.

I saw and tasted a ton of great products at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, I don’t have any photos because I was too busy eating everything! Yay me! I have two more recipes to try and thanks to vegfest two new foods to taste.  Yikes and we only have a few weeks left, I have to think of what else I want to make and try, so do you! I would love to hear what you tried and made for my  NNM challenge. Please feel free to share in the comments section. And yes, the recipe and the new food can be part of the same dish.

PS I’ve launched my cooking show on YouTube here’s the latest episode!

Happy Veganniversary To Me!

Crocuses are popping up and I am getting antsy to get dirt under my fingernails, this could only mean one thing. It’s my Veganniversary!

It’s also this blog’s third birthday. So what have we been up to for the last three years? Good thing you asked!

In addition to going natural (as in hair), we have left the corporate world and embarked on a new academic world.

MCC logo

We have been to quite a few health and wellness conferences and a couple of vegetarian ones too.

the seed vegan expWe held our own workshops


We have planted and picked dozens of veggies.

Nurtured with Nature

We have encountered countless amazing people.

The Seed - MY Vegan Experience

NYC Vegetarian Food Festival!

We have tasted and revised dozens of recipes, not all ours.


We have lost a few loved ones and brought some into our hearts and lives.

Have we got a VIDEO??

Backend/Frontend Report

We have fostered dogs.



We have cried and laughed, sometimes at the same time.


We survived a hurricane and power outage


We entered a chili contest or two


And we think we might actually be able to start seeds indoors this year.


Thanks for being there through the thick and thin, here’s to another three or more like thirty years! I love you all!

NYC Vegetarian Food Festival!

Two weeks ago was the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival. I went there with my friend Amy –  WoW, say what! 3-hour lines!

It was a real hit. There were about 70 vendors that included:

Sweet & Sara vegan marshmallows…  and more marshmallows. This was a big hit with Amy.

There were also lots of ferments like kombucha and kimchis and slaws

I ended up getting a great fermented Green Slaw from the very nice guys at BAO  It’s the third row from the left.

To my utter delight there was also lots of raw junk food, Yippee!

There was The Raw IceCream Company that is probably one of the best ice creams, including cow’s milk, I have ever had. Gnosis Chocolates where also there, I had heard of them but never had the chance to sample them before – it was out of this world!

After we had our fill of vegan cheeses, salty snacks and more sweets we went to check out the speakers.

The first one we caught was Victoria Moran, she was a motivational speaker and talked about the greatness of a plant-based diet, the good karma and how it’s better for you, the animals, the earth. I liked the positive attitude she exuded. I agree with her philosophy. I may not have a lot of material things but I think I lead a pretty charmed life.

Next was Jared Koch from Clean Plates, I thought he looked familiar then realized I had seen him at the FRESH movie showing last summer. Jared spoke about vegan nutrition and while he isn’t a vegetarian he did promote a healthy vegan diet by eating an array of food. He addressed the soy question by suggesting the eating of more fermented soy products rather than tofu (especially if it’s GMO).

Ha! well good thing the next speaker was Doc Rob – A fermented food freak! I love fermented food so I was really looking forward to hearing him talk about the benefits. Well I was not disappointed, he talked about a whole lot of bacteria and how it’s good for your gut. He’s also inspired me to try my hand a some fermenting at home, should be interesting…

The grand finale was Keynote Speaker Dr. Neal Barnard, the President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). They are the ones that head the 21-Day Kickstart, it’s a 3-week challenge to eat a strictly plant-based diet. The idea is that it takes 3 weeks to develop a habit… well I don’t know about you but I think it takes me more like 3 years… Anyhoo, Dr. Barnard gave a presentation with some scary stats on Type-2 diabetes and heart disease, both of which are predominantly lifestyle diseases and on the rise. It wasn’t all doom and gloom, he also showed us some of his success stories.

All in all it was a good day, we finished it off with a very yummy dinner at Bonobos.