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It’s Garden Lust Time!!

Hello Friends,

Today I am feeling giddy thinking about the seeds I purchased on Sunday. I also picked up seed starter soil, cell flats and some vermiculite. I decided I wanted to buy seeds this year to diversify my garden. I still have plenty of seeds that I have saved that I will use this spring, however I could not resist the seed catalog!


Image Courtesy of Amenic181 /

A list of the newbies:
Blue Hubbard Winter Squash
Andover OG Parsnips
DeLuxe Lettuce Mix OG
Watercress Cresses
Roodnerf Brussels Sprouts
Kale Mix
Cosmonaut Volkov OG Tomatoes
Black Prince OG Tomatoes
Gardeners Sweetheart OG Cherry Tomatoes
Elecampane OG Elecampane
Winter Savory Winter Savory
White Yarrow Achillea
Love-Lies-Bleeding Amaranth
Butterfly Weed
Autumn Beauty Mix OG Sunflowers
Mammoth Grey Stripe Sunflowers
State Fair Mix Zinnias
Beneficials Flower Mix
Cutflower Mix

And of course I have the usual standbys:
Kabocha Squash
Acorn Squash
Butternut Squash
Swiss Chard
Collard Greens

Looks like I will need to fill my calendar with seed starting dates. I also plan to start expanding the beds into the back of yard as I would like to have more of a botanical garden in the yard than just a lot of grass. That’s where a lot of those herbs and flowers will go.

What seeds are you lusting after this season?

Garden Update

I figured it was about time I gave you guys a garden update.


This spring I didn’t have a chance to get my seeds started early so I pretty much planted as late as I ever have. As I was telling my friend Nelson, who does an awesome job running the Metuchen Farmer’s Market, my gardening philosophy is to take whatever I have and throw it in the ground…

So here’s what has come up


Kabocha Squash


Kale and Mystery Squash













I also have these wild flower looking weeds that have really come in, thanks to my lack of weeding and making it more of a “permaculture” type plot. If anyone knows what these are please let me know!


Mystery Flowers

What do you have growing in your garden??


I want to thank my friend Charanya from Yes I’m Vegan 🙂 for nominating me. Below are the rules and questions to answer:

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Charanya’s Questions

  1. What’s your favorite cuisine? Too many! Middle Eastern Maybe
  2. What would be the last meal you will love to eat? Something Indian or Falafel
  3. What is your favorite vege? Changes every day!
  4.  Do you watch Game of Thrones? Yes, though I am behind but have read through book 5
  5.  If you are vegan, why? If not, do you think you could be one for few days? at first it was fr health reasons but as I did more research my reasons became more ethical and environmental
  6.  Is there anything your life wont be the same without? Nope not really
  7.  What’s your favorite movie? Too many to name! I love bad movies!!
  8.  Is there any color you loved as a kid? Green, now my fave is red
  9.  Is there anything you would change in your life if life had a rewind button?
  10.  Do you own an iphone or an android? iPhone
  11. 3 words that could describe you: Passion, Loyal, Independent

My nominees are:

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Be careful for what you wish for…

OK, in my last post I had a garden wishlist and well, yeah, since then I started a lot of seeds. Sometimes what you wish for is a good thing and comes true. Check out what’s been growing since we last chatted:

Kabucha Squash

Kabucha Squash



Black Beans

Black Beans

Squash Trifecta

Cucumber, Spaghetti & Butternut Squash

Mammoth Sunflowers

Mammoth Sunflowers


Calabasa (Pumpkin)

Sweet, huh, all were planted between 4/5 – 4/9. I am very happy and can’t wait to transplant them next month. Our last frost date is 5/15, though I have a feeling we are done for the season, I hope!

There was something else that I wished for that didn’t turn out quite as well as my seedlings or as I had hoped for. I had a position at a shop that was always a dream job for me, the kind of store I thought I was meant to be working in. I loved the customers, however my values didn’t align with the owner’s and a falling out in January didn’t make it any easier. Why did I stay? Well, I needed the income and the people I met kept me coming in, and quite frankly I liked getting the discount. A few weeks ago I was asked to leave that job and I am glad it happened. I was not happy there and though the customers kept me there I felt my vitality being zapped when I dealt with the owner, which was always. I don’t blame him, I should have left a lot sooner.

The big lesson that I learned from this whole experience is that if something doesn’t feel right then it isn’t. Sometimes it’s not easy to change a situation, however, you have to do what’s right for you. Like plants we all need the right environment to thrive.

My garden wishlist

So I am getting ready to start some seeds indoors and have been thinking of what I want to grow this year. I have some kobucha squash seeds that I saved that I will be planting in the next few days. I harvested them a little while ago so they will hopefully be viable.


I have some dill and garlic chives going on in the light shelf too. I also planted rosemary but I don’t think it’s germinating. There’s something there but they could be weeds from the garden  I use garden soil and reuse potting soil so anything can be coming up.



Garlic Chives

Garlic Chives

I have tomatoes and peppers going strong, a little too strong and am afraid that they may outgrow their pots before mid-May. I was hoping to have them produce fruit inside but they are taking forever to grow (I know I am contradicting myself here, stay with me).





So that’s what I have, what about what I want? I want the squashes, I also want cucumbers. I have had NO LUCK with cucumbers, not sure why they produce fruit and it’s small and shrivels up in no time. I want beans, lots and lots of beans. Jared and I talked about it and we both agreed to try to plant beans this summer, I want to plant all of the legumes we eat: peas, black, kidney, navy, chickpeas, adzuki and pinto. I am not sure if any of these are pole or bush or whatever so it will be fun to experiment. Now I just need a spot to start them inside

What’s on your garden wishlist? Please feel free to share what you are planning on doing this year and any tips you have for beans!

Fall on the Mind

Yesterday I spent the day weeding and going through my seeds. I took an inventory of what I have that’s gone to seed and started to collect the seeds. 
borage seeds
We have radish seeds, borage seeds, pea seeds, collards seeds, kale seeds and calendula seeds. I’ve also already collected sage and spinach seeds.
calendula seeds
I love the feeling of knowing that I planted something and it has given me more abundance than just the fruit.
radish pods
Although this Yarrow was given to me by another gardener my intention is to spread it around other corners of the yard.
golden yarrow
This brings me to the gist of my post, I know we’re still in July and just coming off of a heat wave (apparently one that broke several heat records) but I’m really thinking about the fall. I’m starting to plan my fall planting. While this isn’t the first time I try to plant for fall, this will be the first time that I try to be organized about it.
So I cleared out a few spots and now I have to do a bit of research to see when and what goes in. So far I know that my peas can go back in late July or early August. I wonder if the fall greens can go in then, we have plenty of kale and collard seeds to test it out. Also my large Italian chard is going to seed so I will be collecting those soon. Hopefully it will be as easy as collecting the spinach seeds.
I have also decided that I won’t buy any more echinacea seeds since I should be able to gather them myself
Ditto for my beloved zinnias
The change in the season will not only bring a new crop but will also bring a new lifestyle for me.  A new path on my journey that I am very excited about. 

Garden Update – It’s been a long hard summer

As many of you know we lost Pippin a month ago. I’ve been very sad as she was a very special kitty. It was hard to get back into the garden as she had quite a few favorite spots and would always run to me from them when I would go into the yard. It’s still a little hard for me not to get teary eyed when I go out there.

This has been a tough summer, it began with my mother’s death, with a drought in the middle then closed with the death of Pippin, let’s just say that 2011 will be a much better year for the garden

So… Today was my first day back and was pleasantly surprised at what I found. We had lots of Kentucky Wonder Beans and I have to say they are absolutely delicious. if you come across any seeds they are a definite go.

We also decided to pick the peppers we had since it’s now getting cold. These beauties were grown from seed. And while we only got about 4 -5 peppers all summer, I still feel a little proud that we were able to grow them.

In addition to the peppers, we also picked all of our tomatoes, all the green tomatoes, including a few that were from seeds, if any of you have recipes, please share! I picked some dandelion and sauteed it with loads of garlic, shallots, peppers and green tomatoes. I also added some earth balance to thicken it up and boy was that yummy. Ha, we ate it before we could photograph!

I did manage to pick a couple of ripe tomatoes but the pickin’s were slim

I also was able to get seeds off of our radishes and the collards that went to seed. It’s fun to let something go to seed because now we’ll have for next year. It makes so much sense to save seeds. So when you are eating a great vegetable that has seeds, save them! It’s always worth a try to see if they will sprout. You can put a few in a moist paper towel and if they sprout then you will be good to go. We store our seeds in airtight containers in the fridge and they keep pretty well.

Radish & Collard seeds in pods

The collards and Swiss chard we planted this year were from seeds we kept last year.

Lemongrass makes me very happy and our lemongrass that we planted in the yard has done beautifully. But now with temps dipping into the 30s we need to bring it in. Jared was inspired and has started making lemongrass tea. WOW! I have a new love, and it’s lemongrass leaves steeped in hot water, so simple yet so delicious. I highly recommend it.

From lemongrass bush comes lemongrass tea

Last but not least, we can’t forget that our little Lola has been such a saving grace during this difficlut time. And while she’s starting to do a lot of things Pippy did she’s got her own sweet personality. Here’s a phot of her hitting jackpot with a nice big pot of catnip.

The Beginning… not quite

I had two separate people tell me I should blog about my 2010 gardening attempt. So it’s not quite at the beginning, I planted (sowed?) my seeds on Feb 15th. It’s a little over two weeks later and oh boy how things have sprouted!

Here are photos of what has come up so far:

Holy Kentucky Beans Batman!
Lots of Lettuce, Zucchini, Radishes and the Beans – Peas under plastic (tape) haven’t sprouted yet
Here we have Tomatoes, Butternut Squash, Radishes, and a few Sunflowers thrown in

I have three Butternut Squash seedlings that are from seeds I saved from a really nice big Squash we used for the Regifting Party menu. It was a very yummy Moroccan Stew. Also the Sunflowers are from seeds I saved from my Sunflowers last year, I hope they’re not Monsanto Sunflowers…

This is the list of what was planted:

Roma Tomato
Brandywine Yellow Tomato
Black Krim Tomato
Beefsteak Tomato
OxHeart Tomato
Butternut Squash
Greek Oak Lettuce
Zucchini Round
Zucchini Black Beauty
Walthum Butternut Squash
Sweet Banana Pepper
Pea Green Arrow
Romaine Lettuce
Eggplant Black Beauty
Broccoli – Early Green
Red Romaine Lettuce
Black Seeded Sim Lettuce
Dark Red Beets
Kentucky Wonder Bean
Spaghetti Squash
White radish
Asian Foot Long Beans