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It’s Garden Lust Time!!

Hello Friends,

Today I am feeling giddy thinking about the seeds I purchased on Sunday. I also picked up seed starter soil, cell flats and some vermiculite. I decided I wanted to buy seeds this year to diversify my garden. I still have plenty of seeds that I have saved that I will use this spring, however I could not resist the seed catalog!


Image Courtesy of Amenic181 /

A list of the newbies:
Blue Hubbard Winter Squash
Andover OG Parsnips
DeLuxe Lettuce Mix OG
Watercress Cresses
Roodnerf Brussels Sprouts
Kale Mix
Cosmonaut Volkov OG Tomatoes
Black Prince OG Tomatoes
Gardeners Sweetheart OG Cherry Tomatoes
Elecampane OG Elecampane
Winter Savory Winter Savory
White Yarrow Achillea
Love-Lies-Bleeding Amaranth
Butterfly Weed
Autumn Beauty Mix OG Sunflowers
Mammoth Grey Stripe Sunflowers
State Fair Mix Zinnias
Beneficials Flower Mix
Cutflower Mix

And of course I have the usual standbys:
Kabocha Squash
Acorn Squash
Butternut Squash
Swiss Chard
Collard Greens

Looks like I will need to fill my calendar with seed starting dates. I also plan to start expanding the beds into the back of yard as I would like to have more of a botanical garden in the yard than just a lot of grass. That’s where a lot of those herbs and flowers will go.

What seeds are you lusting after this season?

Garden Update

I figured it was about time I gave you guys a garden update.


This spring I didn’t have a chance to get my seeds started early so I pretty much planted as late as I ever have. As I was telling my friend Nelson, who does an awesome job running the Metuchen Farmer’s Market, my gardening philosophy is to take whatever I have and throw it in the ground…

So here’s what has come up


Kabocha Squash


Kale and Mystery Squash













I also have these wild flower looking weeds that have really come in, thanks to my lack of weeding and making it more of a “permaculture” type plot. If anyone knows what these are please let me know!


Mystery Flowers

What do you have growing in your garden??


I want to thank my friend Charanya from Yes I’m Vegan 🙂 for nominating me. Below are the rules and questions to answer:

Rules for this award:

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Charanya’s Questions

  1. What’s your favorite cuisine? Too many! Middle Eastern Maybe
  2. What would be the last meal you will love to eat? Something Indian or Falafel
  3. What is your favorite vege? Changes every day!
  4.  Do you watch Game of Thrones? Yes, though I am behind but have read through book 5
  5.  If you are vegan, why? If not, do you think you could be one for few days? at first it was fr health reasons but as I did more research my reasons became more ethical and environmental
  6.  Is there anything your life wont be the same without? Nope not really
  7.  What’s your favorite movie? Too many to name! I love bad movies!!
  8.  Is there any color you loved as a kid? Green, now my fave is red
  9.  Is there anything you would change in your life if life had a rewind button?
  10.  Do you own an iphone or an android? iPhone
  11. 3 words that could describe you: Passion, Loyal, Independent

My nominees are:

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My questions are:

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3. What color best describes you?
4. What do you do for fun?
5. If you could make one thing in the world right, what would that be?

FRESH the Movie – Go See It!!

We saw FRESH the Movie last night – thanks Allison!

It was along the vein of Food, Inc. Joel Saletin was also in it. It highlighted smaller farming enterprises, organic farmers and urban farmers. Here’s a clip from their site.

I liked that sustainability was the main focus. The factory farming process this country relies on for the majority of its food is not sustainable. We use dead soil, treat it with chemicals and stronger and stronger pesticides due to the resistance of pests. The animals are treated in horrific ways that spread disease to both the animal and human population. Not to mention the run-off from animal farms contaminate nearby produce farms and wells.

The farm subsidy in this country needs to start getting away from corn and soy for animal production. Let the consumer pay the real price for the cows, pigs, chickens and processed foods they are eating, I bet you would see a lot less meat and junk food being eaten, it would also bring the costs of health care down. What I don’t understand is how people don’t realize that cheap food is not cheap in the long-run. Heart disease, cancer and diabetes are at the top of killers in this country. What percentage of those deaths do you think are preventable?? The most unfortunate aspect is that developing countries are beginning to follow this model. With that will come more obesity and livestock diseases.

Know where your food comes from, grow what you can. You can’t do everything but you can do something.

Urban Agriculture

Today and yesterday I attended:


It was a forum on issues of water and public health. For instance, according to the UN of all of the water in the world: 97% is salt, 2% is ice/glacial and only 1% is accessible for human consumption. Another tidbit – 45% of diarrhoeal diseases can be prevented by washing hands with soap and water. Fascinating and so effective!

One of the speakers was Dick Despommier, I love his This Week in Parasitism podcast. I was looking forward to hearing him speak about parasites and water because I knew he could make it really interesting. Well, I was even more excited because he spoke about agriculture. More specifically, he spoke about Vertical Farming. Kismet for me since I am currently working on a paper about urban agriculture and the impacts it has (can have) on environment (organic) and health (plant-based diet). While his ideas are a bit high tech for the developing world the models he showed were fantastic. Think of a parking deck inside of a greenhouse that creates its own energy with extra to sell (or give away).

I can’t wait to see what the future will bring.