Monthly Archives: May 2012

New Additions to the Garden

Yesterday was a lovely garden day. Lots of butterflies were out

I’ve updated with flowers, the usual Marigolds with the addition of Lobelia, Verbena, Dianthus, Alyssum and Ageratom. I also picked up orange, red and pink Gerber Daisies, they looked so pretty and reminded me of my wedding.

I also went ahead and purchased small veggie plants to put in the garden. From seed I was only able to get 2 tomato plants (woo hoo!) so I supplemented with Romas, a Brandywine and a German Johnson Pink which I have never heard of.

I also picked up pepper since none of those came up: We have Jalapenos, a Sweet Red, and Purple and a Chili.

It looks a little bare now but I’ve also added a few flower seeds to it

I also picked up zucchinis and cucumbers since my squashes didn’t do so well either. I do have a calabaza growing. There’s a rogue chard right next to it so that’s probably why I missed it.

As you can see the greens are doing well and I have started to harvest the spinach. The leaves are smallish but I know if I let them go any longer they will bolt on me.

I’m really looking forward to having tons of chard on hand, we’ll have 3 varieties: Italian; Ruby Red and the Rainbow.

I’m really excited about the garden this year!

Greens Baby!

So our greens are starting to come in – it’s a great seeing the different colors of the Rainbow Chard coming in, I can’t believe that I never planted them before. We also have some rogue Chard growing here and there. It ‘s possible I planted it but it’s not in an area I would have put it.

We also have Spinach coming in. Now this was planted last fall in the hopes of an early spring crop. No such luck but I am happy to see the seeds didn’t go to waste.

And of course our beloved Collards are doing well. It’s so nice to see how easy it is to grow Collards, they are so hearty and can easily winter over.

The newest addition to our greens garden is Kale. I don’t know what variety this is, probably Red Russian Kale. Jared planted some 2 summers ago that still had roots attached and we had it growing last year. I harvested seeds but those aren’t really growing, however, the seeds that fell where the plant was are doing very well.

We also have a brown & white that’s doing pretty well. We did have to put her on a special diet but she seems to be back to her old self.

What are you seeing in your garden already?